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Celebrity Item Unit Price Quantity Extended Price
Rita McKenzie Ethel Merman's Broadway CD $14.95    
  Photo #1 $30    
  Photo #2 $30    
  Photo #3 $30    
  Photo #4 $30    
  Photo #5 $30    
Photo #6 $30    
Photo #7 $30     
Photo #8 $30
Photo #9 $30
All customer supplied photos $25
Shipping & Handling $3.50 ea

ALL CUSTOMER SUPPLIED PHOTOS ARE PRICED AT $25.00 EACH (plus $3.50 each for shipping & handling). Please send your photo along with your payment to the address listed below.

Please send a check or money order or US funds to Scott Stander & Associates Client Fund Account.  Please allow 3-6 weeks turnaround since celebrities may be out of town and not available at any given moment.

Mail to:
Scott Stander & Associates

13701 Riverside Drive #201
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Phone: 818-905-7000
Fax: 818-990-0582

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