NEW! Here's a video clip of Larry Elgart and his Swing Orchestra (DSL connection recommended)!


"Larry's is a band with an immediate identifiable sound and style that reflect both the leader's consistency of and the detailed execution of his plans.” 
---NAT  HENTOFF, Jazz Critic & Author

"It seems so easy, you think, as you listen to these per-formances by the Larry Elgart Orchestra. Just make it always danceable and listenable.  Isn’t that what the Big Band era was all about? . . . The special sound, as always with Larry, is that of the saxophones, soft, sinuous, im-peccably inflected. They sound as a section the way he does as an alto-saxophonist, sweet to the ear, always  under control, always with a suggestion of a hidden reserve of power, always with a delicate kind of humor, the humor of understatement." 
---BARRY ULANOV. Author of A History of Jazz in America, and A Handbook of Jazz

"The highly stylized Larry Elgart sound is one that is unique in the band business today. There is never any doubt to whom you are listening. The liquid sounding  reeds, the tart but punching trumpets, the full, rich trom-bones, the swinging, pianoless rhythm section . . . they all add up to a distinct sound . . . and a sound of distinction."
--- Dom Cerulli, Editor and Critic

“At a recent concert the band, as they say, “brought down the house." with many old tunes with fresh arrangements. Larry proves he's as much a part of the music world today as he was with the college set in the '50s . . . thanks to talented arrangers and a new genera-tion of young, educated and talented musicans . . . The concert to a full house had something for everybody.” 
---RICHARD PALMER. Syracuse Herald-Journal